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OH my gawd. I want even aware of the past 12 posts in this journal!!

You guys are freaking nuts!

I mean geesh.
Im sure you could Richard.
Im sure your right Tyler.

Im sure the rest of you are right in your won way and Im definitely sure that all of you are freaks and I think that my life would be pretty dull wihtout all of you living inside my head.

See ya in the lab, if I can get my lips of of this little girl whos stolen my heart away.

- Ryan

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I think you should let me handle all this. Cause i can take care of just about anything. Especially girls. Girls with boobs and vaginas. Those are the kind of girls i love. You aren't even taking me seriously are you? stupid butthole face.

Something Strange

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Tyler makes a good point. Everyone should listen to him.
Lenoires just as wise...and shes been with Ryan since he was about shes been there a lot. She kept telling him that she would leave by the time he was 20 though.

But anyways, she knows more than we all do. And I wish she was better wtih computer. Shes computer illitarate as hell. She can play Diablo II....really well....thats it.

LJ might was well be a foreign language to her.


What were you going to say?

What does the city of Epion and its inhabitants have to do with this incident?

Sure we're running the incidents all on the databoards. Im hoping someone will notice.

If not, Im writing a letter to Jo on Ryans behalf.

- Adian.

Im the best leader we got.
Rahl was after me more than she was Ryan. But damage in this world can be easily mended by magic or the speed that time passes.
Tyler, Kyra, Ira

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Tyler again.

Dont listen to Tim.

The last time you dated two girls at once, remember what happened?

Sure they never found out, but yit ended up ripping you apart inside and you found yourself being depressed all the dang time........

Anyway, dont do it.

You like Jo, go for her, before its too late.
Tim Lenoire Monzie

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From Tim.

"I like hookers!

- Solo."

Haha, you guys are nuts.

You know what, I can go for Chinese food right about now. There is nothing like a day out in the real world eating chinese food, and not yelling at Ryan for a change.

I always yell at him...all the time. I dont know Im kinda responcible for his negative self esteem. I dont know.

But its funny!

Anyway as for the girl situation. I think you should lock your LJ entries, and try and date them both at the same time.
Tyler, Kyra, Ira

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Tyler P. Oden.

"I like hookers!

- Solo."

Hahaha. You guys freaking rock.

That sent tears in my eyes.
I love you guys. I especially love how Solo just beats the crap out of everything without asking questions.

I mean if I were in reality, I would want a crew like you guys.

Oh yeah..
Epion guys (I forget your names all the time.. Im responcible for Ryans inability to remember names)
Why in the-

forgot what I was saying.

Something about Epion
*inserts somethign about epion*
Tyler, Kyra, Ira

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Ryan, this is Tyler.

We've been together for a long, long time. We practically built Epion from the groud up. I was always the engineer one. I was always the one who had the greatest ideas.

I think this new thing will die out quickly. It came with a the brightest of light, but I feel that it will end up becoming a flash in the pan. And when its over, you will probobly go off the edge. I fear you will freak out and hurt yourself...or even worse cut too deep.

The way I see that heres you.
You are finding little reasons not to like someone...
Like Jo not responding to your letter. WTF is that?

Come on, shes a busy person, and so are you. She was touched by it, and she was probobly planning to see you later that day, because we all know and you know it too. Sometimes you like to look for excuses that she doesnt like you.

And you will do the same to Kristi. You did the same to every other girl who was with you.
Every one. You find some little excuse to put it in your head.

In all honesty, I think you are a horrible bf, and you shouldnt have a girl until you straighten your own head out. If that means killing us all the DO IT!
I dont like how you are so melancholy all the time. Ryan, you need to chill the fuck out just like Siner says. I think you have a lot of things to work out. Sure you are a sick freak...accept it and move on. Some people just find pleasure in weird places, and have weird phsycial and mental anomolies.. So what? Dont braudcast it...

You know... Im sure if Kristi didnt talk to you that rainy day you went for a long walk....
I bet you would have contacted Jo.

And Plan G?
I like the sound of it.
Its a contingancy plan....and epic one at that....
At least it keeps you away form your razor blades.

I know you wanted to hurt yourself because of her again....
To the reader. That Rysn spent 20 minutes turning his room upside down looking for his razor blades. I blocked the memory, cause we hid them.
Tim was so waisted when he hid them, there is no hope EVER finding them. Cause you know how TIM is.

Crazy fuck-tard. Your creation! Not mine!

So go fourth and conquer Ryan, but be ready to fall, and be ready for your life to shatter before your eyes, and be ready to get cut to pieces when you try and put its jagged edges together. And also be ready to not ask your real friends for advice, be ready to hide in some corner of your mind, claiming nobody else understands. Be ready to start cutting yourself again. Be ready to cry night after night. Be ready to write teary eyed letters to both her and Jo, and maybe even one to your firtst gf, as you drown in the past because you wont do anything about it now. It sucks, because I cant help you....everyones tried.

Only difference is that Im the only one who hasnt given up on you yet.

You know what?
Come live at the virtual world, and I will take over in the real world.
Im sure I can put your life together! If I do, I will be the one living it...and it will make you jealous.